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Proper vision correction can be customized to fit your unique lifestyle, particularly active South Floridians, are opting for vision correction procedures which allow them to see near, far and in between.

Did you know that even if you have had 20/20 vision all your life, certain diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, high blood pressure, thyroid eye disease, and diabetes could sneak-up on you with little or no warning? Glaucoma is the leading cause of blindness in people over 40 and affects approximately 2.5 million people annually, and cataracts can eventually develop as you mature. Early diagnosis of these conditions and many other diseases are essential to successful treatment.

Dr. Easton believes in preventative care and performs a thorough comprehensive eye-health exam. When requested, Dr. Easton will send a letter to referring physicians with his final diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Dr. Easton's unique combination of training, experience and technology proves to be cost effective to you because he can take care of most of your eye-care needs.

Eye-Health Exam Includes

  • Medical and comprehensive eye histories of you and your family.

  • Measure visual acuity - with and without corrective lenses.

  • Automated Refraction and measure eye curvature by automated Keratometry or Topography.

  • Blood Pressure Screening, height and weight measurement.

  • Eye-muscle evaluation, color vision and depth perception testing.

  • Confrontation visual field study and threshold perimetry when indicated.

  • Subjective refraction at far and near for more comfortable and improved vision.

  • Evaluation of direct and consensual pupillary reaction to light stimuli.

  • Biomicroscopic external exam of the eyes to rule out ocular disease and cataracts.

  • Measure eye pressure by applanation tonometry to rule out Glaucoma.

  • Pupillary dilation with mild dilating drops to enhance the evaluation of your retina.

  • Ocular Photography and/or Optical Coherence Tomography as indicated.

  • Thorough exam of internal structures of the eye by direct, 90D and/or binocular indirect ophthalmoscopy to rule out retinal and optic nerve disease,.

  • Study all results and assess a diagnosis. Prescribe mode of treatment to you with proper follow-up care to manage your condition.


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